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“Jackie Parker writes with tender sympathy for human frailty and rapturous appreciation of the mysteries of spiritual life. Our Lady of Infidelity is an enchanting and magical novel about the many different ways in which love can take us by surprise.”

-Brian Morton

author of Florence Gordon, Starting Out in the Evening, Breakable You, A Window Across the River


“Pitch-perfect….Told with haunting eloquence and subtle humor, this is a powerful and gripping American story about second chances, the bonds between people, and the search for a sense of home. Our Lady of Infidelity is an unforgettable, life-affirming novel.”

-Ann Weisgarber

author of The Promise and The Secret History of Rachel Duprey


“Compelling and luminous, a novel as full of love as the vision it portrays. This is a book that readers will turn to again and again for the wonderful story and for the sense of hope it brings to the enterprise we call life.”

-Rosa Lowinger

author of Tropicana Nights


“What a wonderful tale! This soft-spoken lyrical and loving work dives deep into the world of mystical vision and emerges as a visionary work in itself. It feels like a blessing to swim in these waters.”

-Bruce Joel Rubin

screenwriter of Ghost, Jacob’s Ladder, Deep Impact


“It is a rare novel that offers both entertainment and illumination. Jackie Parker delivers a compelling yarn

while shedding light on the mysteries and ambiguities, beauties, and absurdities that surround spiritual experience, whether real or imagined.

-Philip Goldberg,

author of American Veda: From Emerson and

The Beatles to Yoga and Meditation: How Indian Spirituality Changed the West


“Jackie Parker writes generously, ecstatically, and from a surfeit—of ideas, characters, and stories. What results is a world that is both grounded and magical, born from the imagination of distinctively American Allende.”

-Brooks Hansen

author of John the Baptizer, The Brotherhood of Joseph


“Complex characters, wonderful, surprising story, beautifully crafted prose.”

-Amos Kamil

author of Great is the Truth


“Our Lady of Infidelity is a tremendously enjoyable, beautiful book…an inspiration.”

-Michael Gellert

author of The Fate of America, The Way of the Small, Modern Mysticism


"Our Lady of Infidelity is one of those novels that I just did not

want to end. I love this book! Jackie parker is an amazing writer. The

story and characters are deeply engaging. I was truly touched on so

many levels...."

-Sandra Ingerman

author of Medicine for the Earth and Soul Retrieval